Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Official Manly Yarn Contest

A couple days ago, I posted about the Manly Yarn Contest. I thought that I would give it it's own post and make things easier for all contestants wanting to play!

Here's the deal:

You - provide your idea(s) for the perfect skein of manly yarn - the one that you want but can never find. The "perfect" skein for knitting and gifting to the favorite man in your life, or at least one he won't look down upon as girly.

Me - I put your name into a drawing for at least one skein of free sock yarn from Yarn Love. (You'll get to choose!) If we get a lot of entries, I'll increase the boodle accordingly. I'll draw the winner April 1st and let them know.

Stats -
* You can enter multiple times, as long as you provide a unique color idea each time

* Enter by posting a comment or emailing me at katie AT shopyarnlove DOT com (remove at & dot and insert appropriate symbols)

* Anyone can win and you don't have to buy anything! So even if your particular suggestion or suggestions doesn't make it into the inital Manly Yarn Collection at Yarn Love, that's no reason for not being able to win.

* Be as specific as you can about color. Include links, graphics or pics of the colors you have in mind if you can.

* Tell your friends. Seriously, this is free sock yarn! Grab a button and tell your friends about it.

The first Manly Yarn Collection will be available with the Summer Collection, early May 2007. This is your chance to be a part of it!


Patti said...

Forest green, a dark turqoise blue, black.

I'm going through the crayolas box. lol

Patti said...

black, blue, aquamarine, cadet blue

Patti said...

cocoa brown, sepia, maroon

Patti said...

red, black, silver

k, i'm done. trying to find colors dh likes is hard.

Not just another said...

I know my husband LOVES Mr. Roger's red . . . he has 2 sweaters in it already. Clearly, he doesn't think it's girly.

Melissa said...

OT, but I just got my Limeade and violet Jane Eyre yarn today and I think I'm in love. I'm about to abandon my socks in progress and cast on!

Great job!

bungalowmum said...

Woo hoo! I love it when I can coerce people to stop WIPs to work with my yarn. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Of course, maybe it makes me not very nice because then you have a UFO on your hands. But I love the yarn love...oh yes, we must spread the fiber and yarn love!

~*emily*~ said...

Navy blue and hunter green... with touches of vivid gold.

~*emily*~ said...

Kelly green, royal blue, and white

~*emily*~ said...

black, with bits of red, orange, and yellow

~*emily*~ said...

brown, black, light grey and charcoal

psammeadred said...

What about some colors in honor of the different branches of the military, or BDU (camouflage) jacquard-type prints?

For a variegated yarn, maybe a combination of deep red, navy blue, and hunter green?

Beverly said...

How about a muddy, obscured green, like hunter green but with brown thrown in. Or for variegated, a subtle variant in color between greys, blacks, and blues.

Ina said...

My brother is a motorcycle fan so he wants everything in black with orange/red flames on it.. will that work for yarn?! Maybe not.

Stitchy Fingers said...

Teenage black with specks of charcoal in it. Not too many specks though, so it isn't rejected as not being black enough.

omly said...

The key for my SO at least is a combination of deep color saturation while avoiding the brights.

"Industrial" (his word)
Tone-on-tone color combinations:
olive, hunter green, and dark sage
medium grey to black
dark blue/murky brown (he says think like a dark pond :P)

His suggestions:
rust, black, grey
burgundy, black, grey
dark/muted green and brown [perhaps similar to the one beverly mentioned this one as well, but I thought I let you know that a guy suggested it as well]
burnt orange, rust, brown, dark brown

Julie said...

I think greys, browns, and beiges. Or shades of denim blues.