Monday, January 31, 2005

Abandoned Projects....

Ok, the socks are not entirely abandoned. They're just aging at the moment. Apparently, they get better with ade, just like wine... So, I have one done wool sock - no mate. One partially finished purple Magic Stripes cotton one.

Now what am I doing? Business, ladies. Work for pay or trade. I've got some gorgeous, handpainted merino wool pants about 2/3 of the way done. Just one more leg to finish. They're for Rowan. Her mom, Elizabeth is embellishing us a Craftsmen style soaker for trade. More wool for the girls.

Here are the pics:

Full Leg:

Cuff only:

I have a huge box of yarn in to Hillary. I know that one 8oz hank of Blue Faced Leicester will be done in Lava and Waves. Two hanks of Peace Fleece will be done in Rose Garden and one grey hand will be done in Pond. Still pondering about the other ones. Lookie at all my pretty colorways here:

I also have a poll going at Wooly Wonder Forums, where you can vote for your favorite colors. The ones with the most votes will be stocked in the store. Vote here:
There's also a second poll here: because it wouldn't allow as many choices as I had colorways.

That's what I've been up to. Isn't it fun?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Socks, socks, socks

I'm knitting socks. I've gotten one finished, but then I got another kind of sock yarn by mail, and instead of making a matching sock to the first one I knit, I started on the second. They don't match. The first is a great small farm, Corriedale wool - dk weight and the second is the purple Magic Stripes colorway, cotton. What's wrong with me???? Why couldn't I commit to finishing the first pair?

Anyway, the wool will be super cool once I have the second sock done and both dyed. They are going to be dip dyed, in graduated hues. I haven't decided what color or whether it should go dark to light (starting at the toes) or vice versa.

Here are pics of the first sock in progress:
Image Hosted by

Here's a picture of the funky holes along one side of the heel, caused by the double wrapping....I'm going to try the much maligned "turn" to try to get around this.....
Image Hosted by

Monday, January 10, 2005

Colleen - Your Pergola Pants are almost finished - finally! I'm sorry they took so long. All the color changes really slowed my progress beyond what I anticipated.

If they look huge, that's ok. There's about 2.5" extra in the waistband and the cuffs will be about 3.5" extra inches. Both will be folded and tacked, then next year you cut the tacking stitches and have pants that fit!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Welcome to me!

This is my new knitting blog. I didn't want to clutter my other blog (reserved for the grandparent's baby viewing pleasure), so here is a new one, dedicated to all things knitty. A great place to come check out what I may be knitting for you!

Current Projects:

Pergola Pants for Colleen:
Nearly done. Gotta finish up the cuffs and weaving in the ends. Since they're done all in stripes there are a lot of ends. I've woven in about 1/2 of them so far. This is also a brand new pattern that I will be publishing designed for mamas who want two seasons of wear from the pants.

Wool Socks:
A project just for me. I didn't even dye the yarn. I will dip dye in graduated colors when I'm through with both. I hope the blog will keep me on task.

Heart Jester Hat:
For upcoming ebay basket. It is Valentine's day themed. An all red hat featuring two rows of embossed hearts (designs are stitched into the fabric), culminating in three icord knot ends. Very cute, I must say. My own pattern.

Pictures later...maybe