Friday, May 26, 2006

Decisively Indecisive

That’s me when it comes to having to choose yarn. It’s not because I am uneducated about my options….I know quite a bit about yarn, how it’s made, what makes it tick, what I like, etc. It’s just that I can’t say no to yarn. How the heck do you say no to beautiful, wonderfully made yarn? It’s the most impossible thing in the world. So I’ve needed to narrow down a huge list of yarns into a cohesive yarn line that will cover the most desired types of hand knitting yarns. It’s a good thing that I have help…I never would have made it through without my partners in crime. This yarn line stuff has to do with the previously mentioned TOP SECRET business from before. Soon I will have details – we’ve just got to get out of the design phase.

I’ve been up to lots of yarning lately. Currently, as in right this minute I have a lovely hand painted cotton chenille yarn soaking in my sink upstairs. It's for June's YOM. Then there is Shipwreck - a new colorway which I sold out of at the K&F Pirates and Mermaids event today. Plus about 4 listed handspuns and two more which are still on my bobbin. Not to mention the 8 ounces of handpainted roving that I have sitting in my basement waiting for me to get a move on. Then to top off all this excessive yarn and fiber madness, I was bit by the designer bug last night and just have to get moving on the new idea. I need to dye up more yarn for that though. Sigh. If only my kids would sleep 24 hours a day I might get some more stuff done!


Holly Jo said...

Man, isn't that the truth? I told my husband I deserve to stay home a year and just knit once both the kiddos are in school. ;)

Stacie said...

that blue/brown is soooooo purdy! YUM!