Saturday, July 22, 2006

Not Original

I wish I could type my blog posts in sparkly, metallic gel pen ink that I normally use when writing. I have a slight addiction to gel pens and faciful inks.....This is not my orignal post. Blogger ate my original post. I had even copied it to a notepad because this frequently happens, and I had just closed my notepad since it gave me the ok after publishing, but in reality the internet gremlins ate my post and it wasn't published at all.

Thanks to you all for your wonderful encouragement on the articles. The first one is pretty much done with the pictures taken and inserted into the appropriate places. The second one still needs photos. I am still in the midst of the Top Secret Project, with many deadlines looming on the horizon. Major deadlines. $500 worth of deadlines, in fact. Wow. Is it the big time, if I had to pay my way in. 40 days remaining until the Top Secret Project is live for the world to love. I hope we make it in time....I'm sure we will.

I did change some post settings on the blog, because I have a spammer who keeps coming in and posting stupid messages (that repeat no less) to every single post on the blog. Why? I don't know. I'm not that very important, and this blog isn't the most travelled on the net. So instead of making you type in those fiddly little security codes (the ones that are image based so the creepy, crawly spammers can't do it automatically), the posts are moderated. I'll approve most anything all you wonderful readers have to say. Provided it's not a stupid spam message ;)

That's Miss E above. I was trying to take the girlies' pictures the other day because they had on coordinating outfits, but it was not meant to be. Right there, she's slipping off the couch to go run around and not stay still enough for the photo....but I really like the picture. It looks whimsical and innocent. When you're two, the world just seems so much nicer.

Jaywalkers are the current project. This is them about a week ago. Right now. I'm through the heel turn and about two inches away from starting the toe decreases. I'm just too lazy to retake another picture at the moment. They're knit on size 0 KnitPicks circs, with their elastic sock yarn that I got on mega good sale (and that looks nothing like the colors shown on my monitor.) Oh, well. At least they'll be nice and thick for fall. Please tell me what on earth possessed me to buy size 0s? Two of them to boot. I've acknowledged my insanity and have dual pairs of size two on their way to me now.

And this picture is of the next sock yarn on my list of things to do. It's sparkly Fortissima Colori Disco. It's got a very small metallic thread plied into it. I can't wait to see how it knits up....on my new size 2s.

Off to pursue dyeing up 72 of 80 skeins for the Top Secret Project.....

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Joni said...

Oh my goodness--can I just tell you how much I love the dress your wee one is wearing?! Makes me want to just go make one right now. In reality, I'm doing laundry and cooking dinner, but seriously. I have to make one of those soon.