Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not the ick

The Ick has come to live at my house. More specifically in me. That last minute Christmas shopping that Nick and I did at the mall on Monday I'm pretty sure is the culprit. We never are able to go shopping together, unless we get someone to watch the kids, and my mom was kind enough to take them. So we got the Christmas tights, and the Christmas shoes for the girlies, and bras for me. I was down to one after the untimely death of my black and white Felina lace bra. A girl can't only have one bra. And we got Mr. X a leapfrog fridge toy, and cousin RayRay a magna doodle and the next morning I was sick. Chills, body ache but luckily no puking. I didn't eat anything, but I wasn't throwing anything up, for which I am extremely grateful.

December is my Yarn of the Month turn and I'm scrambling to get things done. More than 50% of the participants placed their orders late, which prevents me from dyeing in advance of our trip. Anyway, between the holiday gatherings, baking and shopping I've been dyeing like a mad woman. Tonight Nick's very good friend is coming into town - unexpectedly. We found out last night. Then we're gone for nearly a week over Christmas, and when we get home a good friend of mine is coming into town. Thank goodness the 1st is a holiday and I can use it to get some packaging and shipping done!

I still am working on a hat for Mr. N. It's a top secret project, which I can only work on when he's not around. The Ick put a serious dent in the progress, and I hope that I can still get it done in time. It's a cabled, close fitting cap of my own design - pretty easy to do. I'd like to offer it as a free pattern, but after the Christmas season! I'm working it up in a hand dyed navy on Anne Shirley - my super fabulous, last forever, terribly soft yarn I get from a small spinnery.

Hope you all are enjoying this time of the year in a relaxing and stress free manner. If you're waiting for a Yarn of the Month will be in the mail!

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