Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Knitter's Connection - here we come!

If you're in or around Columbus, OH, make plans for the first weekend in June. We want to meet you at Knitter's Connection! The exhibitor contract went in yesterday, and now all the hard work begins. This is a huge step for me and the business. Usually, everything is done out of our home and on my schedule. Now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, travelling and working with a deadline. I'm feeling giddy and a bit like I want to hyperventilate all at once. I'm going to opt for celebrating so the responsible side of me doesn't take over. Hurray for Knitter's Connection.

Come see us. We want to meet you! We'll bring the yarn.

Limeade And Violet Benefit
Just a reminder that $2.50 from every skein of Limeade and Violet yarn sold will be donated to help defray Miss Violet's medical expenses. It's going to be announce on their podcast this week, and I anticipate that the skeins we have will sell quickly. If you'd like some without having to wait for a custom dyed order, get it now. It's very pretty and lovely to see how the exact same dyes look different on various base yarns. You can find all our Limeade and Violet yarn by selecting the Limeade and Violet category on our yarn page. Every skein of Limeade and Violet has a pretty pink ribbon on the picture so you can easily locate them while browsing our other categories, too! See how we like to make shopping easy for you?

They're free - take one
If you'd like to link to us, please feel free to take a button of your choice from the sidebar on the right. We love meeting new yarn friends!

Manly Colorways - Free Yarn!
I am putting together ideas for a Manly Yarn Collection - colors that you can knit up for that beloved man in your life. You know the one who you'd love to gift with a handknit, but he claims all yarn is girly. (Doesn't have to be a significant other - brothers, dads and friends all can fall into this category.) I want your ideas! Please tell me, quite specifically, what colors you think would be a great part of a Manly Yarn Collection. I'm looking for both solids and multi color colorways. Send pictures or swatches of colors or a specific description, please! Let's get the men in our lives something to wear proudly. You can leave ideas in the comments section or email me at: katie AT shopyarnlove DOT com - remember to replace the AT and DOT with appropriate symbols!

If you leave a comment or email me, I'll put your name into a drawing for a free skein of sock yarn of your choice. Last day for entry is March 31st, so I have time to dye & photograph these for the release of our Summer Collection, early May.


Patti said...

You made buttons! I was just coming here to ask you to make some so I could put it on my blog. It's like you read my mind. :)

The email you sent about my order was in my spam folder - I didn't notice till I already hit delete and then it was too late. I'm assuming it just said it shipped. Let me know if there was something else in that email.

I'm finally knitting socks with the Juliet you dyed back in the fall for the YOTM club - it's dark green and brown. I *LOVE* this colorway! I'm using the monkey pattern from Knitty and it looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I'll be putting some pics up on my blog later this afternoon when the sun is out. :)

bungalowmum said...

The buttons are just for you, Miss Patti! Thanks for asking!

Your email just said that your yarn went into the mail and I hope you can knit it soon.

I love that colorway too. It's Emerald City. I've had a good response to it, and I think that it will be a part of the Summer Collection coming out in May. It's not what I usually consider a summer color, but you're the second person in the past week to mention it. I figure that must be significant!

Tasha said...

Mmmmanly yarn. ;) For my man, it'd have to be browns, blues, greys. He doesn't really like to stand out. I love the Emerald City, too! I'm saving mine for Sock Madness. Congrats on Knitters Connection!

LadyLungDoc said...

I think the key is to have deeper colours - dark red, blue, green, with more suble variations. A ragg/work sock effect (from light gray plied with a second deeper colour) would also work well for the manly man.

Patti said...

Please think of something with more color for my dh - see my blog - I am bored bored bored with his jaywalkers. He is opposed to color. His favorites are black, grey, silver...you get the idea. BORING!

Also, the Emerald City sock pic is up. :)

Cindiluhu said...

My hubby loves hand knitted socks and he actually likes the striped ones the best in darker colorways of blue, green and burgundy. Thanks!

Stacey said...

My hubby loves greens - I have been looking for a green/gray/black colorway out there but haven't seen one as of yet!