Sunday, January 23, 2005

Socks, socks, socks

I'm knitting socks. I've gotten one finished, but then I got another kind of sock yarn by mail, and instead of making a matching sock to the first one I knit, I started on the second. They don't match. The first is a great small farm, Corriedale wool - dk weight and the second is the purple Magic Stripes colorway, cotton. What's wrong with me???? Why couldn't I commit to finishing the first pair?

Anyway, the wool will be super cool once I have the second sock done and both dyed. They are going to be dip dyed, in graduated hues. I haven't decided what color or whether it should go dark to light (starting at the toes) or vice versa.

Here are pics of the first sock in progress:
Image Hosted by

Here's a picture of the funky holes along one side of the heel, caused by the double wrapping....I'm going to try the much maligned "turn" to try to get around this.....
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Anonymous said...

My socks looked like that too. :P I'm not starting over. First pair of socks. ;) oox pam