Friday, May 27, 2005

Bungalow Buns Soaker Pattern Pictures

For those of you who have been wondering what the fit is like on a babe. Here are some pictures. They're a little hazy because my digital camera doesn't have a flash. I prefer the artsy explaination that they are "soft focus" & I meant it that way! lol!

All are made from different versions of my soaker pattern from

Here is a side opening soaker on Emma:
It's made from frosting dyed fisherman's.
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Here is a front opening, ribbed soaker on Grace:
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Here is the soaker itself. It's stretched out a bit because it hasn't been washed in a few wearings. Made from Hillary dyed Peace Fleece.
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Perfection Pants on Emma:
Made from heavy 3 ply merino wool, dyed by Hillary. These are a size large and still a bit big on the girls. They still fit into mediums, but the rise is a bit short, so we've moved up a size.
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