Monday, May 02, 2005

Yep, I knit even though I don't blog

I think I may have an excuse for not blogging as I ought to. Please see the following items of information and count them as one big excuse:

These two are according to my estimated date of conception:

And these two are figured by the first day of last period (not helpful when you conceive on day 21 of a cycle:

We're out of our first trimester already and I'm feeling much more perky. I was voluntarily awake until after 10pm last night!

Of course the current projects are all diaper related. Yes, be that as it may I still need to fund the yarn buying habit. So currently on the needles is a soaker out of 3 ply merino in the TRENDY colorway (Knit for the Cure Yarn)It's very yummy. Going to make a thicker soaker, but very soft and stretchy. I've got to contact Hillary and have her dye up the remaining blank skeins that I have.

Also on the needles is a beautiful newborn soaker for Biscuit (my new niece set to arrive in June). She needs a whole wardrobe of wool, so I really need to get moving on that front. Her current soaker is Earthy Rainbow handpainted by Hillary of Dashing Dachs, on Peace Fleece worsted weight wool. Gotta love Peace Fleece - it's like it was made for soakers.

Very soon, I will be Perfection Pants Licensed . Even though I have my own pants pattern, I love this gusset so much that I had to switch over. I will probably continue with both for the time being and after Surprise arrives, switch full time to the Perfection Pants. I hope my customers love the diamond gusset as much as I do. My sample and signed contract are on their way back to me. After they arrive, I'll be official!

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