Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Got a Tiny Tether? Show it off!

If you have a Tiny Tether pic, let me know - I'd love to post it to the blog and show it off. Tell all your friends, too.

Tiny Tethers aren't just for pacifiers you know. They'll tether all sorts of other important things, like your keys, etc.

In other yarn related items, I have slightly recovered from the shock of tangling 10 skeins of yarn. I also have a large order in for more. The good news is that if you're a Yarn Of The Month Club Member I have enough yarn for you. In fact, most of it is dyed. Between yesterday and today, I've dyed 32 skeins. I have 9 more to do tomorrow, and that's cake. Have I mentioned that once I figured out how to do it (and despite my mishap of yesterday), hand painting cotton is really nice because you can skip the heat intesive steaming step. Definitiely a plus. Yay, yarn. Good thing too, because I am totally in charge of all the handpainted cotton in the upcoming yarn line for the Top Secret Project. Yep. At least 2 cotton weights and a luxurious rayon too. Just wait to you get your hands on this stuff - it's like heaven in a fiber.

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Tasha said...

Can't wait to pet my YOTM yarn! And to hear more about the top secret project...C'mon give us a hint.