Tuesday, August 22, 2006

9 Days and Counting

Top Secret Project goes live in 9 days. It will be a very good thing. The past four months have involved lots of planning and doing getting ready for the major event. This is of course the last stretch - then I'll see if all the hard work was worth it! I hope so! My shelves are burgoening with new yarns and new colorways looking for an adoptive family. I've also sought out new suppliers for the endeavor and the research was worth it. The new yarns are top notch and definitely luxe!

So basically, until the new site is up and running the way I want it to, I will be a computer hermit. You know - where I sit online day after day, hour after hour hammering out the details and mixing it up with lovely yarn photos.

What could be better than lovely yarn in the fall?


Tasha said...

You're killing me here. I just can't wait to see the TSP (top secret project). What does that say about the excitement of my life???? Congrats, and I hope the new site goes well.

chloesmom said...

22+9=31, Today? Is today the big day? Waiting, waiting, waiting...