Monday, August 07, 2006

Missing in Action

There has been action folks....just not on the blog. But around the bungalow yarn has been streaming into and out of my dyepot faster than normal. In preparation for the Top Secret Project which launches in 24 days, I have dyed up over six pounds of yarn and more is being added to the total everyday.

In addition to that, I have to send a very warm thank-you to Sarah of TeleKnitter for her suggestion of using these shelves. I've been on the search for perfect yarn shelves for months, but until Sarah came along, I only knew what I didn't want and what wasn't working - which, truth be told, is not very helpful at actually finding what you need. Unfortunately, the search was further extended for three weeks as I travelled to various local stores searching for these shelves, which they didn't carry. I finally Froogled them, found a great source with free shipping and life was happy. I haven't completely finished the stash move, but soon it will be done. I hope. for your eye feasting pleasure - yarn on shelves!
Blank Yarn:

Small Personal Stash:

6 + Pounds of Yarn for the Top Secret Project:


Ruby's Daughter said...

So pretty! There is something so great about having your yarn all tidy and neat. I've got the same shelving and it also is great for hanging "S" hooks from it and displaying hanks on the outside. I too am launching a new business surrounding my yarns on August 20th. Would love to keep in touch with what you're up to!

MamaStone said...

Oh my goodness. The bottom middle yarn in the second picture is TO DIE FOR. Really.
I want it ;D

joyce vance said...

wow! i like the shelving! that's cool.

mine is in sea grass tubs right now (because of the slightly moth resistant properties, but i make big herbal sachet liners too. i like this better because you can actually see what's there.

so, um, secret project? let's cut to the case here and tell me when i can start buying some of your yarn :)