Monday, January 30, 2006

My Plucky Fluff

I am loving the book. Here's my latest creation based on her techniques. Merino handpainted by my friend Hillary of It has beehives, dreadlocks & beads, plus it's super soft. I love it. Even had the two chicas rubbing the skein against their faces. It's 3oz dead on.
it's all my bobbin will hold. I probably have 1-1.5 oz single on another bobbin.

I've been busy knitting it into an "art scarf" for the past couple of days as the kids will allow. I had about 1/2 a bobbin of leftover singles that I wound into a center pull ball and plied into a very heavy worsted or a lightweight bulky yarn. Double the thickness of the yarn in the pictures. I didn't do anything facy with it - just plied it so that the scarf will have some anchors. Knitting the thicker stuff into both ends and the middle of the scarf. That should give it some stability as the scarf itself is very open and cobwebby. It's knit on size 10 and 15 needles.

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Tif said...

Beautiful Katie!!!