Saturday, February 04, 2006

I have just received some super exciting pattern has been accepted for publication in the upcoming issue of Knitty. Not to be a tease, but I can't tell you what my pattern is until after the new issue is out. So stay tuned.

I can't believe they let me in the effervescent Knitty. And to think that I only submitted it on a whim. (Ok. It took me forever to get the pattern together. Not to mention the photos. The photos were taken in like 6 photo sessions. I kept about 10% of all the photos I took. Some of the photos involved children. 3 children under the age of 2 - you can only imagine the chaos. I really liked the one featuring the Chinese takeout menu. There were no children involved in that photo. I think it's peaceful.)

It's not a garment. It's a small but useful accessory for people of all ages. You'll see it's wonderfullness when it comes out. It's saved me all sorts of undue aggrevation. ;) - go see! Even if you're a knitter who doesn't know it yet.