Saturday, April 01, 2006

I might die this week....

The new Knitty comes out this week. "As close to the first of the month as possible" of this month. It's killing me. I am an avid Knitty reader....and soon to be pattern writer. Here's the email I got from Amy (the editor) a couple months back:

You're in!Congrats and thanks for a great pattern.

Watch for an e-mail from Mandy Moore when it's time to proofread your pattern.

Thanks for being part of Knitty!

Best, Amy
[editor, Knitty]

Now in all fairness, I heard back right away after the submission deadline. I was thrilled to bits! But Miss Mandy Moore has never emailed me. Now that the release date is so close I am beginning to doubt myself.....the "What if they don't publish it after all?" thoughts are tumbling around fast and furious. I'm trying to console myself with the acknowledgment that my pattern is simple & therefore needed no real technical overhauling.

But what if.....


Stacie said...

Oooooooh! how exciting! I am a newish knitter and new to the online knitters world, and I love Knitty! I'll be watching and looking for you! Good Luck!

tif said...

i'm on pins and needles too!!! i can't wait!

btw...i used up your fairly lights colorway...i posted it on my blog ;)