Monday, April 24, 2006

Toddlers and Turtles

I've been purposely not posting to leave Tether Part II up there for Knitty readers. "Hi, Knitty readers!!" But I miss blogging. I've been crazy busy lately. The Twinkle Twins birthday was yesterday. We had their party on Friday & it was huge: 50+ people. More than half of those people are close relatives - immediate family of either Mr. N or I. Mr. N's family arrived on Thursday and left Sunday. In between we threw a huge party and put a railing up on our deck....I'm exhausted.

My little girls have gotten so big & I don't recall them growing up. Even little X is nearly 6 months. It seems like he's still brand new. Being a mom is so bittersweet sometimes. I want my babies to grow and learn and become, but a small part of me pines to keep them little forever.

Before the insane lasagne making and cake baking (Did I mention we had a dinner party and that I made all the food?) I did manage to get a bit of spinning done. Phunky Turtle is a conglomeration of things. It's a three ply yarn: one hand spun single of Ile De France (from High Prairie Fibers. Yes, I've sent you there before, and I will keep sending you there because it's a lovely store and she lives in my state....), one ply handpainted and overdyed haloed mohair yarn (commerically spun), with another ply of bright turquoise cotten crochet thread. It turned out nicely. Decent yardage and it's very squishy. The Ile De France is carded and it's nearly frothy with tons of squish. The mohair is um, interesting. It was supposed to be Pumpkin, but somehow brillant blue dye adhered itself to my dyepot and transferred onto the yarn. So, I added some splashes of bright colors that I had leftover from and Indian Corn dye and then overdyed it yellow. It was a fairly dirty gold, with bright patches of color, but it worked. The aqua thread is plied unevenly throughout with crossover wraps at intervals up and down the skein. It's not sold yet, so I may get to keep it. I have no idea what I'll do with it though. It's bulky. Two worsted weight yarns plus the crochet thread gives it lovely substance. It's not terrible heavy though, because the handspun single and the mohair are really light and airy worsted weight yarns.

On a completely different note, I have 50 coffee clips on their way to me from Hawaii. They'll be up on my main site, in case you'd like an inexpensive (but very functional!) clip for your own Tiny Tether. Post from Hawaii takes a while, so it may be as long as two weeks before they're here. You should have seen me blushing when I wrote to them asking to purchase 50 coffee clips, no coffee. They were so sweet and accomodating. I love their coffee too. I first had it on my brings back memories of our fancy free days before kids. It really wasn't that long ago. Next month is our 4th anniversary. It's amazing how fast having children ages you.

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chloesmom said...

That is an adorable cake! Happy birthday to your babies!