Thursday, February 09, 2006

I see you

I know you're out there reading this. You know how I know? I installed a little counter gizmo in the sidebar. Ha! I'm glad you're here. It's nice to know that someone actually reads what I write. Now please, leave me some comments. Nice ones, dull ones, clever ones....anything, really. Just not mean ones. I don't like mean comments.

I'm going on an outing tonight. To my LYS. I've never been there before. There's just never been an LYS before for me to go to. It's actually been around since the summer, but I just now heard about it. Technically, there was one other store that did carry some yarn - just not much of any selection and nothing that I liked. Plus they were mean and wouldn't help me. Just gave me evil stares. Not my kind of place. So tonight is the first night since I found out about it (thank-you google!) that I actually get to go in person. So I'll put the girlies down to bed, hand off the X factor to Nick and out the door I go for fun and frolic in the yarn. Oh, yes. I am excited! My mother - the non-knitter, and incidentally has been to the LYS before me to buy some yarn for me for a Valentines day gift, 15 days early - has been there already. She also gave me the scoop that there is another LYS going in even closer than the one I'm headed to tonight. I guess knitting is becoming super popular. It's going in directly across the street from the new mega $$$ mall.

Maybe one of the two stores will be in the mood to carry some pretty handpaints by a local artist. I think I could help them out with that. Speaking of yarn....

I've been working my booty off this week. I have
a deadline. Today I met my deadline for preview dyeing. The yarns are either drying or getting ready to be exhausted. That means the pictures are not the best. Especially of Midnight. It's setting for color bleed and the colors haven't even been set. Lots more vibrant in person (thanks to the window obscuring the colors directly above.) Sneak peek for all you devoted followers of the blog.

March Choices:



And this is up for sale at Knitteds and Fitteds it's called Sunlit Tropics or something like that.

The colors are actually better at the K&F site. This one looks washed out. I dyed some of this curly mohair in Flames too. That will be up shortly. It's still steaming.


Wendy said...

beautiful yarn dyeing! And congrats on the knitty pattern!

bungalowmum said...

thanks, wendy!