Friday, February 10, 2006

Yes, please!

I love the new LYS. It is a really cool place. Stuffed to the roof with wonderful yarn, in many colors....all of it calling my name of course. Just gorgeous. Lots of antiques trunks, cabinets, tables and stands holding everything. Plus, it's right next door to one of my all time favorite local coffee shops. And they invite you to sit and knit for free, whether you bought it there or not.

For your viewing pleasure: some Lorna's Laces in coral that matches Flames really well. (Imagine me prowling through the yarn at the store with my freshly dyed, still minorly damp skein. Yeah, I did that.) And some Debbie Bliss Cathay for some socks. It's very soft. Silk, microfiber and cotton. Yummy! Size 3 DPNs from the Lakewood Needle Company - they're birch.


Rob said...

A LYS -- bliss indeed. What's the name of the store? And which issue of Knitty will have your pattern?

bungalowmum said...

Purls the Yarn Studio (.com) is the store, A great place! & my pattern is coming out in the next Knitty issue - spring 2006! Yay!