Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have you been wondering???

What was in your wool before it was yarn? Take a good look over there on the left. Ponder deeply what it could be....

Why yes, that is what my kitchen sink looks like after two 4oz. skeins of wool have been soaking for 30 minutes. Now, to be fair, this is minimally processed wool. It has no veggie matter, but a bit of lanolin left. Not too much, just enough. I must point out that it still has been commercially processed to get the organic gunk out....but it's still there.

Remember, no eating unwashed wool!

When you drain the water, you'll also see the grainy bits of silt and dirt sticking to the bottom of your once-pristine sink. Just say "Yes!" to Comet with bleach and a hint of lemon.

I guess my yarn was once the winter coat for a sweet, pasture roaming sheepy after all!

1 comment:

tif said...

i promise not to eat unwashed wool!!!!!!! ;)

katie, i made a poncho from the yarn we traded with!! http://www.tiffanydara.com . ella loves it! (i do too :heart:)