Thursday, March 09, 2006

2 1/2 pounds later

I only wish I were losing the baby weight. My stomach is starting to pull back in 4 months post X. I'm hoping that's due to the Pilates I've taken up. Talk about a stomach workout. I can only barely make it past the warmup before the stop-now-or-you-won't-make-it-off-the-floor burn sets in. Yeah, you fellow Pilates fanatics know what I mean. But that's not what I meant to talk about. Instead, my I present 1 3/4 pounds of the 2 1/2 that I dyed in the last two days. Not bad for watching 3 kids, and cleaning the house at the same time.

Come to think of it, I may have actually lost 2 1/2 pounds....but I avoid scales like the plague.

The three skeins on top (the ones that look wildly different) were dyed with the same dye batch & the same dye technique. I'm having tons of fun with the random dye. I get all sorts of surprizing results.

Geranium: up for sale tomorrow at

Surf: also up for sale tomorrow at

They're really pretty. I want to keep them. I pretty much feel that way about everything I dye. Except a few that I think are hideous. But without fail someone else loves them. Color is such and interesting and subjective thing. I love playing with it and seeing the results.

But these two skeins are by far my favorite. I'm also offering them for sale. I'm half hoping they won't go so that I can keep them. But I really haven't been knitting lately, so a new, loving home is the best place for them.
Fawn and Flora:


Annie said...

Beautiful yarn!

tif said...

the fawna and flora are by far, i think my favorite of all of your colorways!!!

i have still yet to finish up the fairy lights...i am using a bit here and there on 2 different projects rofl, i love it that much...