Saturday, March 25, 2006

That Babe is mine!

I am so happy to announce the new addition to our family.....a Babe Bulky Production spinning wheel arrived yesterday afternoon! This thing is hulking compared to my petite Tina II (an original Jensen), and rather homely to boot. But it's damn functional & I can spin bulky, Bulky, BULKY yarns on this monster. It came with 3 bobbins, each capable of holding 2+ lbs of fiber. That's a lot of fiber! The orifice seems like a huge tunnel, too. I might be in pluckyfluff heaven.

We're still getting aquainted, and so far I've been spinning worsted weight singles (of glorious handpainted Blue Faced Leicester top) only. I'll get around to the fancy stuff soon. My Tina is sporting a novelty yarn right now, so I opted to take baby steps with the new wheel first.

Nels is right - the functionality is great, but it's ugly as sin.


Rachel at Zephyr Style said...

We read Wendy's blog too and saw that you made a really sweet compliment to Zephyr Style. That is Our site ans we wanted to thank you for the nice words.

Rachel -
Sarah -

Amie said...

Congrats on the new Babe

and welcome to the spinning wheel!

bungalowmum said...

Rachel and Sarah -
You have a lovely site with great patterns! I really enjoyed finding you two.

Everyone else should check them out at: Be forewarned - they have really beautiful patterns there. You're going to need to budget your time and yarn money this month for at least one project!