Thursday, March 02, 2006

I am popular. Want to know why?

I am popular. Yes, I really am. It is just after 1:30pm and so far I have been visited by:

1.) FedEx: with new double celluar shades (the cordless window kind) for my living room, in Popcorn.

2.) UPS with a year's worth of Yarn of the Month yarn. And some other yarn I had to have. You'll be seeing that up for sale and custom slots in the stores soon.

3.) The Mail Guy: nothing of yarn or spinning interest, though.

4.) TruGreen Chem Lawn: just applying our pre-emergent crabgrass preventer, etc.

5.) FedEx Again: Because apparently they forgot to leave my $80 worth of dye and assists earlier.

Have you ever seen such wonderful yarn? There's a lot more in the box than you can see in the picture. The box is stuffed as full as full can be. Mmmmm, feeling the yarn love. Rayon chenille, thick n thin wool, mohair/wool blend, pure merino of two types. Can you say swoon?

And finally, here are the boxes as they came to me (minus the junk mail and the window shades box.) Plus, I am expecting another box with blocks to make my girlies Pink Tower (I got the blocks for $10, shipped. I like a mere $80 savings...) tomorrow. I do what I can to keep FedEx, Ups and the USPS in business.......

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tif said...

drooling! can i come over? rofl