Sunday, March 05, 2006

You will now be subjected to......

a deluge of pictures of my kiddos & family. I think they're cute! Many of these are from last week's visit. You will see many instances of naturally occuring "rockstar" hair. Rockstar hair refuses to be mastered by such trivial things like hair clips or bands......

X and Daddy 15 minutes ago:

Grandma L wearing X:

The Twinkle Twins with Grandpa:

Uncle J and the Table:
(Uncle J is about 6 feet tall, the Twinkle Twins aren't)

Big Girl Beds:
(they didn't last. We opted to lower the crib mattressses & sleep instead)

Mad Scientist Miss G:

Miss E Winks:

That's all it will let me post.

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Stacie said...

yer right, they are cute!