Monday, March 13, 2006

Nuclear Fizz and other related matters

* This post took me two days to upload - don't mind me.

There it is. My latest handspun. It came off the wheel yesterday and it's on my blog this evening. Pretty good, since little man X is cutting his first teeth & won't sleep for love or money. It's so hard to capture the essential fuzzy, frizzy, tactile nature of this yarn in a photo. Go figure. It's got this soft halo of a million tiny threads poking out of it in every direction. Very cool. Especially since the colored single really lacked conviction that it was indeed a novelty yarn. The skein is 95 grams. 1 handspun single of hot bright felting roving plied with a furry eyelash yarn in black. They are both improved for being together.

I learned never buy roving under the heading of felting if you want to spin it. In all fairness, I actually bought it for felting, but I guess I just really don't like needle felting. Probably mostly due to the fact that I didn't spend a lot of time learning how to needle felt. That and the fact that having sharp, barbed needles out with twin toddlers is not a good idea. So I decided to spin it. I thought I had lost all ability for spinning a decently even yarn. It was not pretty. Double cuts everywhere. The roving was not uniform. Bumpity, slubity, thin here, too thick there, pull apart as you spin...... But I persevered. I spun the entire pound into yarn. (A goal that I set for myself.) It looks so much better now, too! ah, the sweet joy of a project turning out wonderfully better than you first aniticipated!

Here are a few more shots of the different skeins I spun out of the pound of wool - composed of several bumps of different colors.

This is a navajo 3 ply from the lumpity, bumpity felting roving. It's strong, cushy stuff!

The Nuclear Fizz in a skein. Purty!

I love, love, love the way these colors look together. I have no idea why. It's really not my usual style. It's orange and hot pink felting wool plied with a pink rainbow, rayon quilting thread. The rayon thread is shiny. They work very well together.


tif said...

lovely lovely lovely!

Stacie said...

wow, beautiful yarn! found you on midwest knitters, will be back!